Perspectives: Embracing Individuality in Behavior Analysis

By Katherine Johnson, M.S., BCBA Senior Director of Partnerships, LEARN Behavioral Eye contact. “Quiet” hands. These were goals for autistic children everywhere in ABA programs in the 1990s. As a generation of autistic children have come of age and grown into autistic adults, we’ve heard their criticisms, a few of them being: eye contact is…

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A Look Inside Trellis

Trellis is a unique agency that uses progressive educational and behavioral models to help teach children that learning can be a fun, playful and interactive experience. Learn more about our organization and the passion of our staff by watching the following short video or read about our services.

Trellis is a company comprised of dedicated professionals who enjoy providing services that support growth in children. We are seeking energetic, passionate candidates whose skills and experience will complement our organization in reaching our goals.

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