Three Questions

Anne McHugh recently joined Trellis as the ABA Program Director. We sat down to ask her three questions to learn more about her vision. Read her bio on our Leadership Page and read below for the answers to our questions.

Q. What attracted you to Trellis?
Trellis Services is client-centered. I have always been impressed with their dedication to each individual child and meeting his/her needs in every way possible.

Q. What’s your vision for your role as ABA Program Director?
My vision is to bring Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to every child who can benefit. I look forward to growing the clinic, social skills and in-home programs so that Trellis can continue their excellent quality of care on a larger scale.

Q. What are 5 things you want parents to know about Trellis?
1. Trellis can provide ABA services to children in practically every aspect of their lives: home, school, clinic (for children under school age), and community.
2. Our ABA treatment plans are designed using only evidence-based procedures for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
3. When a child receives ABA services through Trellis, the child is always learning and getting closer to reaching his/her potential.
4. ABA services through Trellis not only teaches new skills but makes them usable in real life.
5. Trellis staff members are some of the most talented and dedicated individuals you will find in this field.