Happy Father’s Day

There have been numerous studies about the positive impact that involved fathers play in the development of their child’s life. This Sunday we join many families around the nation to celebrate the complex role that fathers play in our society. Trellis recently held a Donuts with Dad Day where everyone was treated to plenty of hugs, smiles and quality time to recognize the fathers who are nurturing caregivers, fierce advocates and all around good guys.

Today, we pay tribute to every dad and caregiver who advocates tirelessly for those affected by autism. Trellis recognizes your dedication and says thanks to the dads who fight every day for the care, services and supports for their children on the spectrum. We applaud your resilience and courage and stand with you in providing nothing less than the absolute best for your children. We know that it takes additional resources to positively impact the quality of life of every individual on the spectrum and we honor those individuals that are caregivers and participants in the daily challenges and successes of life.

When you plan your celebrations for the weekend, remember to show your appreciation to every dad you encounter and know that we appreciate you! Happy Father’s Day!