LEARN Behavioral announces Telehealth ABA services now available in D.C., Maryland and Virginia through Trellis and SPARKS.

Children diagnosed with ASD may continue to receive critical ABA therapy remotely during COVID-19 pandemic.

Washington, DC; LANDOVER, SPARKS, PERRY HALL & COLUMBIA, MD; Springfield VA… LEARN Behavioral, the leading network of providers serving children with autism and other special needs, announces the availability of telehealth Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia through their regional providers, Trellis and SPARKS.

To continue providing critical ABA services to client families during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Trellis and SPARKS have innovated their service delivery model and capabilities to provide telehealth ABA services, or “teleABA” as coined by LEARN.

TeleABA provides another option for families who prefer virtual therapy services over in-person therapy, or who have household family members who are at higher risk for severe illness. It is ABA therapy overseen by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) that parallels in-person treatment.

“The COVID-19 response requiring nationwide social distancing and other safety guidelines

has left many parents of children on the autism spectrum wondering how to maintain the gains their children have made in ABA therapy,” explained Hanna Rue, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Vice President of Clinical Development for LEARN. “Trellis, SPARKS and LEARN are helping parents throughout D.C., Maryland and Virginia by providing the option of teleABA therapy which helps ensure that their children are able to continue their forward momentum towards established treatment goals.”

TeleABA Services

Treatment for ASD is in accordance with state and federal emergency guidance regarding medically necessary telehealth services. It is imperative that children with ASD avoid any break in ABA therapy as this may cause distress, disruption and potential behavior regression. TeleABA is the delivery of evidence-based ABA therapy with master level clinicians via HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing, which is accessible by computer, tablet or smartphone.

Trellis and SPARKS teleABA services include direct treatment and parent consultation. Direct treatment is one-on-one treatment sessions with a child geared towards maintaining and generalizing communication, play skills and behavioral progress. Parent consultation provides an opportunity to discuss daily routines and challenging behaviors, identify targets, and implement a plan.

TeleABA enables families to continue to build upon and reinforce skills including, but not limited to:

– Potty training

– Bedtime/sleep routine

– Screen time

– Personal hygiene routine, including hand-washing

Through teleABA, Trellis and SPARKS help children and families in a number of ways. For example: discussing strategies and progress on a desired goal; developing a routine that fits in to your family’s schedule; providing individual reinforcement strategies; setting and explaining clear expectations; and offering “in the moment” parent coaching along with references to help successfully reach your child’s goal.

Dr. Rue continued, “We have received a tremendous response from our families, who are experiencing new successes due to our virtual teleABA services. It is our hope that teleABA treatment will continue to be accepted by insurers beyond COVID-19, as this will enable us to serve a greater number of children and families on the autism spectrum who need services but have limited in-person access to ABA providers.”

LEARN has served over 2,500 families through teleABA, with nearly 1,000 trained providers across the nation who have delivered sessions. LEARN is dedicated to supporting their staff and has developed a comprehensive resource library which enables them to access tools, resources, training and support online.

For more information about Trellis teleABA services, visit https://trellisservices.com and for information about SPARKS teleABA, visit https://www.sparksaba.com/.

About Trellis

Founded in 2001, Trellis specializes in serving children with autism and other related disorders using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Trellis is a unique agency that uses progressive educational and behavioral models to help teach children that learning can be a fun, playful and interactive experience. Over the years, their passionate staff and thoughtful programming has helped more than 500 families in Maryland. Trellis is located in Sparks, Perry Hall, and Columbia, MD. For more information, visit https://trellisservices.com


SPARKS is one of the leading autism services organizations in the D.C. Metropolitan area. The organization’s mission is to develop programs for individuals with autism that will allow them to reach their highest potential. At SPARKS, ABA Services are provided to each child on an individualized basis, through a continuum of therapy models. The ABA services team meets regularly with a child’s parents, caregivers, and other service providers to share progress and treatment strategies. SPARKS is located in Landover, MD and Springfield, VA.



LEARN is a leading network of providers, which includes Trellis and SPARKS, that serves children with autism and other special learning needs. LEARN specializes in behavioral health treatment based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and is committed to providing programs and services that are family-focused, community-minded, and delivered with the highest clinical integrity. The LEARN team delivers more than 2.5 million hours of service annually and is comprised of more than 5,000 passionate professionals dedicated to nurturing each child’s personal best. For more information, visit learnbehavioral.com.