Caring for a child with autism can be very challenging on a family. The Maryland Autism Waiver provides invaluable support for families affected by autism.

The Maryland State Autism Waiver is a state and federally funded program that provides home- and community-based instructional services for children with autism spectrum disorder.

The waiver was designed to help keep children safe at home and in their communities, improve the lives of families, provide quality services that lead to independence, help develop skills and reduce negative behaviors.

The Trellis Difference

At Trellis, we are always focused on what’s clinically best for the client in addition to what will have the most positive impact on the family dynamic. We never compromise our mission and include every staff member for each client in monthly meetings, reinforcing our team approach.

To date, Trellis has provided services to more than 200 families through the Autism Waiver. Our curriculum uses motivation-based learning to build skills and address the individualized needs of every child.

Waiver Services

trellis_20-EditTrellis is committed to providing Autism Waiver services using a team model where families and professionals work closely to develop and implement effective treatment plans to accelerate the progress of each learner. Our staff participates in professional development, team assessment and treatment planning meetings, as well as specific training in instructor intervention strategies. We offer the following services:

Q Family Counseling

Family counseling provides ongoing support to caregivers and is a vital part of each treatment plan and essential to the overall success of the program. Goals are developed for each family based on their individual needs. These goals may include guidance in specific teaching strategies, using behavioral techniques, different intervention strategies or simple information on issues related to Autism, learning styles or child development.

A Intensive Individual Support Services (IISS) & Respite Services

IISS is a one on one (1:1) goal directed service that is designed to facilitate the child’s individual goals in his or her home and community setting. Goals are set based on ongoing assessment of skills regarding communication, play, daily living, recreation and adaptive behavior. Instructors receive onsite training and ongoing supervision by a supervisor.

S Afterschool / Therapeutic Integration (TI)

As part of our Autism Waiver services, we designed the Therapeutic Integration (TI) Afterschool program to provide learners ages 10 to 21 with the maximum amount of opportunities to develop social skills in a group setting.

Our personalized client to staff ratio (3:1) allows participants to develop physical, mental, social and functional abilities in a safe and nurturing environment. We use fun, interactive and structured group activities to promote the expansion of play and leisure skills. This may include art, music, dance, yoga, cooking and social skills groups. Children are grouped with peers and remain active and engaged for the duration of the time that they attend.

Locations & Funding

The Afterschool program is offered at our Trellis Learning Center in Sparks, as well as at the Linwood Center in Ellicott City and at the John Carroll High School in Harford County. Through our partnerships we are able to serve more youth in Maryland and continue our dedication to creating community-based after school programs.

We accept funding from Maryland Autism Waiver, Low Intensity Support Service funds (LISS) or through private payment.

TI is an afterschool program that offers opportunities to develop social skills in a group setting. Through errorless learning, shaping practices and differential reinforcement, learners are supported with the goal of increased participation and expansion of social play, independence and self-coping.

5 Additional Resources

    • Parents who are interested in these services should contact the Maryland Autism Waiver Registry at 866-417-3480