Not sure how to access ABA coverage for your child under the new regulation? Watch the quick video tutorials below to learn more about the process.

Each module contains tips that you can use and share Tired of going round and round with your insurance carrier? Need help figuring out the authorization process to get ABA covered? 

These videos are excepts from a training that was conducted in partnership with Pathfinders’s for Autism in April 2015. The workshop covered:

  • Determining if your insurance plan covers ABA
  • Understanding how to navigate the authorization process to get ABA funded
  • Define the role of the ABA provider
  • Important questions to ask your ABA provider and the insurance company  

Module 1: Maryland’s Autism Insurance Mandate

Module 2: A Primer on Insurance Plans

Module 3: The Importance of a Diagnosis & Medical Necessity

Module 4: Preauthorizations: Avoiding Denials

Module 5: Getting Approved for Services

Module 6: ABA Programs: Setting Goals

Module 7: Where Can ABA Services Take Place? 

Module 8: Types of ABA Services Covered By Insurance 

Module 9: In Network and Single Case Agreements

Module 10: Questions for Your Provider

Module 11: Open Enrollment, Co-Pays & Deductibles

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