Heather Heather is an Early Intervention Instructor at Trellis, Learn More

"I would just let them know to come in with an open mind and a huge heart because each and every one on our children here at Trellis will touch their heart in one way or another."

Sarah Sarah is a Case Manager at Trellis, Learn More

"If we sit back and watch/listen there is a lot to learn and when we work as a team, learning from each other and our experiences, the most progress can be made."

Lauren Lauren is a Program Director at Trellis, Learn More

"I love watching our learner’s progress and become more successful in their everyday environments."

Lacy Lacy is a Program Manager at Trellis, Learn More

"I am proud to be an employee with a company that provides me with the opportunity to do what I love to do."

Caitlin Caitlin is an Occupational Therapist at Trellis, Learn More

"That smile - that look of pride on the child’s face - that’s why I love my job."

Sam Sam is a Special Educator for Trellis, Learn More

"The best thing about Trellis is having the opportunity to teach through structured play activities."