Are you looking for a place where your child can thrive and your family can find the support needed to ensure your child’s success?

Trellis is a unique agency that uses progressive educational and behavioral models to help teach children that learning can be a fun, playful and interactive experience.

Founded in 2001, Trellis specializes in serving children with autism and other related disorders using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Over the last 13 years our passionate staff and thoughtful programming has helped more than 500 families in Maryland.


Learn More About Our Services

Trellis offers 6 core services to serve the diverse needs of our community:

The Trellis School

A non-public special education school serving Pre-K through fifth grade students that focuses on building strong foundational communication, learner readiness, academic, social and play skills.

Autism Waiver

A unique Maryland Autism Waiver agency that uses a team model in which families and professionals work together to develop and implement effective treatment plans.

Love 2 Learn

An early intervention program (18 months to 5 years) that provides 1:1 instruction to build foundational skills.

Afterschool (Therapeutic Integration)

A daily after school program to support the development of physical, mental, social and functional growth for learners up to age 21.

Clinical Services

Individual and group sessions including social skills, speech-language therapy and occupational therapy.

Applied Behavior Analysis Services

Home- and community-based interventions based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (services typically funded by insurance).

Our Mission

We understand no two children are alike. Our goal is to enhance the lives of children with autism by providing individualized, child- and family-centered programs. We use a whole child approach to make sure academic, communication and social needs are all being met. We strive to form partnerships within the community to broaden the scope of autism awareness, promote the use of the most progressive educational and behavioral methodologies and make training within the autism community accessible and affordable for all.

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