What is the NET? And Why Is It Important?

NET is code name for Natural Environment Teaching.

Research has shown that children with Autism learn better in a natural learning environment because they are not typically motivated to learn new things.

At Trellis the NET is set up in areas mimicking typical playrooms and in thematic centers (e.g., Housekeeping/Dress up, Vehicles and Blocks, Art Room, Sensory Room, Gross Motor Room, Library, Game Room, etc.).  Throughout the NET, toys are strategically placed in bins and/or on shelves, out of the learners’ reach to facilitate opportunities for communication.  When children are motivated to get something, they will attempt to communicate their desire for that item.  At that time, appropriate language is taught so the learners are more readily and easily able to communicate what they want the next time they want that item.

In the Trellis School, young learners at Trellis spend up to 90% of their day in the NET